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As artists we are always on the quest for something new and fresh, something that hasn’t been done before, the cutting edge so to speak. Isn’t that what creativity is; pushing boundaries in our medium and seeing where it takes us? Sometimes, though, we get to a place where we feel comfortable. We and other people like what we are doing and we sort of settle in. We may even call it “our style”. It works for a while, and sometimes for a long while, until that raw creative streakĀ  in us surfaces and we say to our selves “Been there, done that”. It isn’t “creative” enough any more. So what do we do? It’s not that easy to leave where we’ve been, and yet we can’t stay where we are. We start experimenting out of our comfort zone to see if we can find some new excitement, a new freshness in what we create. The battle always is not to do what others do, but to find our own thing, our own place; and yes, maybe that place where we pause for a while in a new comfort zone, in a new style.

I have been on such a path. I call it “reinventing myself”. It has taken me many different places where I have stopped to play awhile and then gotten back on that road to finding a place again where the creative passion says this is a good place to be. In the next few weeks, I’ll share some of my stops on that road and the thought process behind what brought me there, what artists inspired me, why I stopped there for a while, and what I learned.

I hope that it will encourage you all not to stop and not to be discouraged even with unfinished projects, but instead to realize that its all a learning process to take you to a better place, a place where your heart sings!


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