I am the Face of Rescue

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Another passion of mine is rescue and helping dogs find their forever homes. This happens to be my little 5 pound two-year old Bentley “poster puppy”who was one of my fosters. He came to me with fur so matted it was a 1/2 inch pelt over the top of his body that took me 4 hours to carefully clip away. There was also so much matting in front of and behind his little legs that he could not completely bend them. We fell in love with him and our home became his forever home. He lives to be held and even as I write this is begging to be invited into my lap.

Tens of thousands of dogs every year are found neglected as strays or surrendered to animal shelters for a various reasons all across America. Many of those because of over crowding, are doomed to being put to death. Rescues provide safe homes with loving volunteer foster families that take care of these animals giving them vet care which includes micro-chipping, vaccinations and sterilization untill they can find their forever homes.

This piece was juried into SAQA’s Textile Poster Exhibit which will premiere at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas in November 2017 and at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago, Illinois  in April 2018. Additional venues may be added.

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  • LynneP February 17, 2017 at 11:59 am

    This poster is FANTASTIC! Bentley is a lucky dog!
    Through Animal Humane NM, Jerome and I fostered a momma dog and her 3 four week old pups over Christmas. What an experience!
    Hope you and your family are well. I think of you often.

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