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“Serenity” measures 6″ by 8″ and will be matted and framed with a 4.5″ by 6.5″ opening. This piece was made for the SAQA Spotlight Auction which takes place during the SAQA conference held in Washington D.C in April 2014.

Small works definitely take less time to complete. This one was completed in one day from start to finish. I however find that small works are much more difficult to pull off. Fabric selection is so important as any particular fabric must say something in a much smaller space. For instance; I may need one piece of fabric to say light to shadow in one square inch. Textures and patterns are also important as large patterns may overwhelm the piece with pattern and take away from the cohesiveness where as patterns in a large piece can add to the character and texture of objects within a piece. For example. a striped fabric could say trees growing in the background  or a marbled fabric can translate as rocks. The same fabrics used in a small piece may not work as the stripes may be to wide to translate trees or the marble fabric now cut so small may not even look like marble.

Do you like working small or large? Either way, happy art quilting!

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