What Makes a Fabric Fabulous?

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There are two things that I look for in a fabric to add to my pallet. The first is movement. I rarely use solids as they give a very flat feeling. Solids are great for bold geometric patterns and work exceptionally well in modern quilts, but if you want a painted look to your art quilt anything that has its own movement and texture helps in giving that painterly look. The first set of fabrics is an example of a lot of movement. There is nothing flat about these fabrics.

The second thing I look for is a secondary color within the pattern.  Notice the yellow fabric in the second photo. This fabric would be added to the yellow pile in my stash, but it has that wonderful secondary red and orange. The fabric next to it would be added to my orange stash, but notice the beautiful violets and blues breaking through the surface.

The last group also has a main color or varying colors and a secondary set of colors breaking through the surface.

If you are afraid of adding color to your piece try looking at these fabrics choosing them only for the the main color. Forget for a minute that there is even a secondary color. See what happens! It could be fun and exciting to see what happens. Start thinking outside the box.













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  • Barbara January 3, 2014 at 8:04 am

    I too like “painterly” fabrics. I prefer lots of movement and light medium and dark values of one color in the fabric. These seem to be “magic” when put in a quilt They sing with all those values.

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