What’s Your Style?

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Have you ever been asked “What’s your style?’ I remember the first time I was asked that question. My first thought was, “What do you mean? I do art quilts of course!” There are many different styles of art quilts, but I had never thought about what characteristics were unique to my work. For a while, as we are learning we mimic other peoples work. We take classes to learn different techniques and use different materials in their style. We start weeding out things that we don’t like and perfecting things we do. If we keep going, at some point there should be some recognizable features that are evident in each of our pieces that make them unique to each of us. Although I will admit, we don’t always recognize them our selves. Maybe it is because we are so busy just creating, or the process is so intuitive that we are unable to break it down to be able to explain it to others.

So the question becomes “How do I figure out what my style is?” Start by looking closely at your work and asking your self about the motivations you have for creating what you do. Is there something that you must do in each piece like use a particular color,  pattern or texture. Is it important for you to convey a feeling or get a certain reaction from others viewing your work? Then listen carefully to what others say when they see your work for the first time. Ask your self if there are repeated words people use to describe your work. These repeated words can help you understand what you may not see because it is so intuitive. Be patient with your self and keep creating. One day it will all fall into place and you will confidently be able to say “My style is…”


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